Above Ground Pool Care

Introduction to Above Ground Pool Care

Having an above ground pool is lots of fun but it is also important to embark on its care. Swimming pools can make you popular with friends and family who enjoy swimming. When they turn up the pool should always looks lovely and clean and they probably won’t realize what you have done to keep it this way. Swimming pool maintenance and above ground pool care will be fully explained is the manual you receive when having the pool fitted.

Above ground pools are becoming more and more popular and these are no longer just the big paddling pools we remember from our childhood. They can be large and can take just as much time to look after as in-ground pools. Making sure the pool is well maintained and embarking on above ground pool care is vital. It will save you money in the long run, as it will make it cheaper to run on a daily basis, and also extend the life of the pool.

Starting the Above Ground Pool Maintenance

As well as the equipment and chemicals needed to keep the pool clean, there are obvious processes that must be followed throughout the year. Once the time comes to open the pool, there is a program of swimming pool maintenance and above ground pool care that should be followed.

The obvious one is to remove any leaves that have gathered on it. An above ground pool care maintenance tip is to buy a cover as this will prevent some of the leaves falling in, but when the pool is being used and is open, they can still fall or blow in. This is best carried out with a leaf skimmer. Once they fall to the bottom they are harder to deal with.

The ph level of the pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6 and this will need to be tested at least twice a week. This will make the chlorine more effective and also prevent damage to the liners and other items and above ground pool maintenance will be easy in the future.

Chlorine also needs to be added twice weekly. This can be in the form of tablets or salts. This will stop foreign bodies living and reproducing in the pool and therefore prevent the spread of diseases. This needs to be followed up by shock treatment. While the chlorine is necessary, it can react in a way that will actually cause problems such as sore eyes and itchy skin. Shock treatment reacts against the chlorine and converts it back to the form that is good and prevents the problems. This is one of the most important aspects of swimming pool maintenance

The chemicals should be checked each week at least, and it is recommended to try to do this daily. This may seem excessive but it will make sure that all dirt and bacteria is kept out of the water.

What Above Ground Pool Care Can You Not Do?

It is important to check that the calcium hardness of the water is accurate. This can be left to just once a month, but should not be forgotten. If the calcium level is too high this can lead to scale formation. If you let the level drop too low the water can become corrosive. This is the one test that cannot be done at home and tests will need to be carried out by a professional. Once you get into a routine for above ground pool maintenance it is easy to adhere to.

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