Simply put, if you have a pool or landscaping related need, we have a solution to address that need. Our range of services cover every aspect of the landscaping process. We also offer pool installation and renovation services, and also sell pool equipment and pool covers.



We take care of all your landscaping needs, right from the landscaping design, up to landscape maintenance, and everything in between. With a team of highly skilled landscaping professionals, we are able to project manage your entire landscaping project. The best part is, once the landscaping is done, we even take care of the maintenance part, so you don’t face any kind of hassle.

Pool Renovation/ Installation

Pool renovations and installations are at the core of our services. With years of experience on our side, we ensure the highest services standards are provided to our customers, always. We take care of the entire installation/renovation project, and ensure on-time deliver with a dedicated team that focuses solely on one project at a time.

Pool Equipment

Having a pool and maintaining one are completely different tasks. If you already have a pool, but need new equipment, like a pool pump, or a filter, or a chlorinator, The Swimming Pools Guide is the ideal choice. We offer a complete range of pool equipment at competitive prices.

Pool Covers

Keeping a pool clean without a pool cover is next to impossible. Even if the pool is regularly cleaned, constant exposure of the pool surface to sunlight can resulting in fading. To prevent this, we offer pool covers and rollers that minimise water evaporation, protect the pool surface, and help in maintaining the temperature of pool water.