Swimming Pool Games

Why Play Swimming Pool Games?

Everyone likes to have fun in the swimming pool and there are lots of ways to have it with the main way being swimming pool games. For adults swimming up and down and getting their daily exercise maybe all the fun they need but children need to be kept amused and have swimming pool games provided for them. Depending on the age of the children, there are lots of different games that can be played. It goes without saying that all children should be able to swim or at least have inflated armbands. Girls and boys may want to play games with different levels of danger, but there will be something for everyone.
If the pool is large, there are more options, but also the need to have more adults placed around the pool just in case of accidents. Not all swimming pool games need sophisticated equipment, but often household implements or normal pool toys will be all you need.
What Swimming Pool Games Are There?

• An easy swimming pool game is just a matter of balance. Inflate a lilo and see how many children can stand on it at once. The winner will be the one who sees all the others fall off. This can either be done with all children participating at once, or just one at a time and with someone timing them.

• For older children they can play ‘Push Off’. Players team up and one of the pair sits on the other ones shoulders. The aim is to push the other people off the shoulders of their partner, while not getting pushed off yourself. The winner is the last one up there.

• ‘Change Drop’ is a great swimming pool game for kids of all ages. Throw coins into the pool – as much as you can afford and a mixture of denominations – and then at the whistle everyone jumps in and dives to collect as much as possible. If there is a need to do this on a budget, it can be little gifts or wrapped candy rather than money. This will also make it easy for the children to pick them up and stop them staying underwater too long.

• ‘Cross the River’ entails the boys standing in the water and the girls have to walk across their shoulders and not fall in. To make it harder, only have a few boys meaning they have to keep moving to the end of the line. This will really sort out who has the best sense of balance.

• ‘Shark Tag’ is just tag in water. No one can leave the pool and as soon as you are tagged, you are it. Another on land game that can become a swimming pool game is the obstacle race.

Swimming Pool Games That Need Store Bought Equipment

As the holidays approach, parents are going to be wrecking their brains for new swimming pool games ideas. This may be where there is the need to buy equipment. Water basketball can be fun, and by placing a hoop at each end of the pool it is the same as the court played game, but harder to move between the hoops. Volleyball can be just as easily played but with a net rather than hoops.

Whichever swimming pool games are played as long as there is plenty of sun cream and children keep their heads away from the side of the pool, they will have a fun day that they will all remember.

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