Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Introduction to Swimming Pool Safety

Be they indoor or outdoor, if there is no swimming pool safety guidelines and equipment in place pools can easily become life threatening hazards, especially when children and toddlers are involved. Pool owners must be aware of the basic safety tips associated with swimming pools, whether these are in use or not. The risk of drowning, injuries or other accidents can be minimized as long as swimming pool users make sure the pools are used safely and adequately. Knowing how to swim is not the only factor that can decrease the chances of suffering an accident in the pool. The range of safety tips when owning a swimming pool extends greatly from simply being a good swimmer, so here’s what you need to do to protect your children and other pool users.
Swimming Pool Safety Tips Regarding Children

As fun and exciting as it can be, swimming pools are also very dangerous for children, no matter what their age or swimming skills are, so make sure you do the following:
• Never leave your children unattended around and in swimming pools. Watch their every move carefully and don’t leave kids under the age of 5 alone in the pool.
• Make sure children use proper floating equipment and always pay great attention to ensure that what they’re using is fit for their size, hence kids who use lifesavers that are too large for their size risk slipping through the ring and into the water.
• Always secure the pool when not in use and remove all toys in the immediate proximity so kids are not tempted to reach for them. Safety covers designed for swimming pools are not enough to keep children safe, therefore installing fences and/or attaching adequate door security systems for the entrances leading to the pool areas are a complete must.
General Mandatory Tips for Ensuring Swimming Pool Safety for All Users

Aside from the obvious precautions for keeping small children safe, there are also general swimming pool tips that need to be taken into account, no matter what the age of the people using the pool.
• Make sure the wraparound deck of the pool and any side that allows access to the pool is not slippery. Using anti-slipping deck materials or installing rubber mats on the sides of the pool should decrease the risk of people unexpectedly falling down in the water.
• Know basic CPR measures and always have a working phone and a first aid kit near the pool to ensure immediate care in case of an accident.
• Do not allow glass recipients in the pool area for broken glass is barely visible, if not impossible to spot in the water, and people can easily step on sharp glass shards and hurt themselves.
• Ensure the safety of the water filling the swimming pool by knowing the water treatments techniques necessary for maintaining the quality and clarity of the bathing water. Keep the chemical supplies away from the pool and away from the reach of children.
• When it comes to the water circulation system, avoid the designs based on suction pipes for people can easily trap their limbs or their hair in them, without being able to free themselves from their grip.

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