The Deck Drainage System

The Deck Drainage System – Great for Your Overflow Pool

The deck drainage system is the grate which runs around your pool and which carries away water. It can be used in any place where water needs carrying away, besides a pool, such as the patio, fountain, driveway etc. It is made up of a series of interlocking grates, which due to the way it has been made can surround the pool easily. It is made of tough, long lasting PVC, and it is resistant to wear and tear and it is non-corrosive and flexible enough to offer an effective expansion and contraction joint system. Both the deck and foundation will have a watertight protection with the deck drain system firmly in place.

The deck drainage system provides is a highly valuable drainage system for concrete pool decks. It immediately carries away standing water . This is a necessary safety factor to ensure that no one slips as they walk in any place where water collects. It also provides an appealing cosmetic improvement to your pool, as beside being slippery, standing water would not be attractive and can bread germs and bad odors. The deck drain can be relied upon as it has undergone tests to ensure that it is effective and reliable. If you have a swimming pool design such as the overflow pool, where the water comes up to top edge of the pool, water going over the top is inevitable and the deck drain system is a must.

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