The Endless Pool

The concept of endless pool centres a unique swim-in-place feature that allows the pool user to swim or exercise against a continuous current whose speed can be easily set by the means of a remote. Endless pools vary in size, yet are much smaller than conventional pools, being easily integrated in less wider spaces, indoors or out. The smaller size of the endless pool is not a disadvantage for swimmers who prefer to swim for as long as they like without ever reaching the end of the pool and having to make turns to continue swimming.

This is the main advantage of using an endless pool: the ability of continuously swimming at the desired pace, allowing the pool user to enjoy this activity from the privacy and comfort of his own home. An endless pool provides the same benefits of regular pools, but with additional advantages. Used for recreational or exercising purposes, an endless pool makes a very versatile kind of pool, suitable for all kinds of people, including professional swimmers.
The Advantage of Using An Endless Pool

Owning an endless pool doesn’t mean that people are obliged to swim against a current every time they feel like taking a swim. The river-like current feature can be simply switched off, not to mention the fact that the pool’s current is confined in the centre, the water from the sides being calm enough to allow the others to comfortably enjoy the pool without being prompted to swim by the water current. This fact remains the same even when the current feature is set on full speed, giving swimmers the chance to rest by simply stepping sideways into the calm areas of water.

The water current is propelled by a hydraulic motor. The user can adjust its speed from zero to a racer’s pace, being given the chance to either swim relaxed or challenge his body against a superior river-like current. With this in mind, users of the endless pool can perform water exercises, including aquatic therapy and partially submerged water aerobics.
The regular temperature of the water is maintained automatically, but users can also increase the degrees up to hot tub-like temperatures. However, make sure the water is not heated above 32 degrees prior to exercising in the water as elevated temperatures are not recommended for this type of activity.

An endless pool is equipped with a water sanitizing system based on copper or silver purifiers that add ions to inhibit any bacteria or algae growth, ensuring that the water is safe for everyday use. Pool owners will only have to add no more than one cup of chlorine to increase the safety of the water, this quantity being significantly smaller than the amount of chemicals used for oxidising water in typical pools.

The water of the pool is filled by using a garden hose, and depending on the quality of the maintenance performed, it shouldn’t need to be changed more often than every one to two years. Endless pools are suitable for in-ground or above ground installation, outdoors or inside the home to allow people to swim all year round.

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