The Gunite Pool

Introduction to the Gunite Pool Cement and Building Process

In terms of swimming pools, the gunite pool is made of as a mixture of sand and cement which is sprayed onto previously set surfaces to build the pool. This mixture is dry pumped through a hose at the site, with water being added at the point of the application. It is then covered by plastic which is actually the material that comes in contact with the water, the gunite cement being the underlying structure of the pool. The delivery hose is usually quite light, mostly filled with air containing the mixture of cement and sand known as gunite.

A concrete gunite pool is made starting with the excavation of the site. Professional pool builders then lay support bars made of metal and spray the concrete mixture. Before the gunite is rushed through the hose, the plumbing process is taken care of. The entire building process takes about six to eight weeks to complete, starting from the earliest stages.
The Advantages of the Gunite Pool

Appreciated for its superior strength and versatility, gunite has been used to construct in-ground swimming pools for over three decades. This material is one of the most popular ones with both swimming pool contractors and homeowners choosing gunite for making various pool visions as real as they can be. In fact, gunite is suitable for all kinds of pool designs and shapes, allowing homeowners to put their imagination to the test and come up with unique pools and landscaping to meet their individual needs.
For making this goal as accessible as possible, pool professionals can assist their clients in the design blueprinting process, offering them suggestions and ensuring that the gunite, the in-ground pool, the gunite deck, as well as the fountains and waterfalls are laid adequately and according to what the client pictured for himself. Be it a simple gunite pool, or an outstanding looking oasis, gunite remains one of the top building materials for creating in-ground swimming pools. To make sure everything is as colorful and visually appealing as imagined, gunite professionals can color, stamp or embed the gunite to create wonderful pool scenery for all swimmers to enjoy.
The Disadvantages of Gunite Pool Building

Despite the gunite pool’s popularity, some people and pool contractors may choose other building materials over gunite. This is often because a pool made of this particular mixture is susceptible to stress, failing to be the best option especially in the case of homeowners living in areas renowned for harsh winters. If clients are still attached to the idea that gunite is the number one material for them, there are ways of ensuring the quality of a gunite pool by reinforcing it with additional support and concrete to avoid the forming of cracks. This is subject to further costs which may or may not be a problem for gunite pool owners.
Gunite material may cause a bit of trouble for some or be completely avoided by those who critique this material, yet do note that a superior workmanship will most likely overcome the deficiencies that may occur in time.

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