The Skimmer Pool

With this swimming pool design the water level sits approximately 6 inches below the deck of the pool. The top of the pool is finished with either a cope or edge tile. This is one of the most common swimming pool designs and it is easier to build than the deck level pool design. The shape or design of the pool is up to your imagination and is not limited.

The surface water is drawn out into a skimmer box in the wall at water level. It is taken out of the pool through floor sumps, which are usually located in the deep end of the pool. It then goes through filters with the circulating pumps’ help and is sanitized and whenever needed, heated, before returning back into the pool via return water inlets located in the walls or floor. The filter’s job is to remove the physical dirt from the water and the sanitizer’s job is to kill the bacteria.

To keep the swimming pool in good condition, which means as clean as possible, it is necessary to remove the total body of water from the pool several times a day, passing it through the filters and to sanitize it by one means or another.

In bigger pools, the skimmers are often replaced by an overflow channel. When that is so the water overflows constantly into the balance tank, from where it is pumped back into the circulation system. This type of swimming pool design is called an overflow or deck-level pool.

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