The Wrap-Around Pool

Introduction to the Wrap-Around Pool

The concept of a wrap-around pool refers to a hybrid shaped pool which enables homeowners to incorporate the pool into the household premises in such a way that it bounds to integrate the various features of your property, either the sides of the building or natural occurrences such as trees or boulders.

Customers who choose this type of pool are influenced by the need to make the pool as close to the house as possible, or to complement a certain landscape setting without having to alter it to make room for the pool. The costs and efforts implied by the excavation process would be far greater otherwise as clearing the space for a typical geometric pool surrounded by a deck is more difficult than simply building the pool in such a way that it wraps around a certain part of the owner’s property.
Types of Wrap-Around Pool

Wrap-around pools are in-ground pools valued by both homeowners and recreational facility owners that like to incorporate unusual shapes such as a bend in one side of the pool. Some customers even ask of their pool building professionals to make the pool in such a way that it fully wraps around a building or a given setting. Basic L-shaped wrap around pools are the most common kinds that can accommodate all kinds of pool users, from small children to professional swimming enthusiasts.

Having a wrap-around pool will put an end to the idea of the pool competing with the rest of the landscape, being highly appreciated by people who don’t want to waste any space or those that simply want a unique looking pool without having to reduce its size because of the lack of space on a given property.

Many wrap-around pools can be constructed in such a way that certain “legs” or “loops” of the pool are more suitable for children, having a much shallower depth than the rest of the pool. Other areas of the pool can be built intended for lap swimmers that can enjoy a more continuous swim without being hindered by the presence of small kids or people that want to play water games or simply have fun splashing around.
The Benefits of a Wrap-Around Pool

The advantage of having a wrap around pool refers to the fact that this type of in-ground pool is a permanent home improvement, increasing the value and the aesthetics of the property and constituting a far greater deal for the homeowners in case he decides to sell the house to potential buyers.

When it comes to wrap-around pools, owners have lots to choose from regarding their options of water architecture. An L-shaped wrap-around pool that integrates and follows the unique structure of the house would look even greater with a stunning light installation. The examples can comprise all kinds of wrap-around pool additions such as bubblers, fountains, waterfalls, deck-mounted jets and more.

The idea behind the wrap-around pool concept is that a pool is no longer a space for bathing in the water, but a unique and complementary indoor or outdoor attraction that can be made to incorporate the desired setting without losing any space.

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